New Surroundings

Only one day into this blogging business and a turn of events has occurred. I have upped sticks and moved. So the place isn’t completely strange but its different nonetheless. Not my place.  It’s colder and a hell of a lot quieter. Just had to set up the broadband here. It’s funny how you can become so used to things like the internet, and when it’s not there you get sort of shocked and wonder what you did without it.

The table where I’m hoping to revise is facing a big, garish mirror. I can’t stop looking at my reflection and messing with my hair and pouting. It’s not vanity it’s just hard to ignore it. Okayy fine, maybe I do like looking at myself a little more than your average Joe but hey don’t judge me.

I guess I’ll get a decent amount of revision done here though.. right? Wrong. I think I’ll go ahead and catch up on my Grey’s with a glass of red to keep me company.


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