Dancing Round the Kitchen

Two exams down and four to go. Now surely I should be a little relieved that two have gone, but weirdly it’s making me more nervous. Probably because I’m no where near ready for the next ones. Anyway you may be wondering about the title. Well when I get nervous I apparently become hilarious to watch. Like most people, I find it hard to contain my nerves, but the way in which it manifests itself is something quite crazy. I get really giddy and laugh a little too much at just about anything. I also find that doing my ‘I’m so nervous!!’ dances round the kitchen help. Another thing is that I go around smiling like a maniac. So if you ever come across me laughing at terrible jokes, busting out my best kitchen disco moves and wearing a ridiculous smile that kinda freaks you out.. I’m definitely nervous about something. I’d then advise you to hand me a glass of decent wine, a packet of skittles and stick on a heartbreaking film. Then prepare yourself to watch a girl who can’t usually cry at anything real, blubber like a baby at something fictional. Think that’s a little messed up? I’m just getting started.


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