Memories Galore

As I am currently skint and like to think that my brother loves sentimental things I decided to make him a picture board for his 21st birthday. This involved a whole day of rooting around in our overflowing photo album cupboard and man did I find some jewels. From the stacks and stacks of pictures we have it seems that my parents were intent on documenting every single minute of our lives up to about the age of thirteen. Then the photos become limited to our holidays, birthdays and more significant events. I like going through pictures to see how much people change over the years. My brother has changed a lot in some ways but hardly any in others. His features and the faces he pulls have remained exactly the same for the past twenty-one years. However he went from a very very chubby baby, to a skinny kid to someone who is now addicted to the gym and according to my friends is ‘ridiculously hot and hench’. Bleugh. For me it’s quite different. If it wasn’t for my distinctively large eyes and ears (which I hide very well might I add) you wouldn’t really know that the baby in the silly dresses is me. Not to be big headed but our baby pictures are adorable. Hilarious too. My mum had a knack for dressing us in the craziest outfits and her defence is always ‘Well I didn’t make them did I?’ No mum you didn’t but you paid good money for them. A lot of pictures of my brother are of him in fancy dress. A clown, cowboy, thunderbird, batman, superman, power ranger.. You name it, he’s dressed as it. They obviously featured heavily on the board I’ve made along with lots of flattering ones of me. Hope he likes it and if not I’ll happily take it to Uni with me.


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