The Fear

What fear I’m guessing you’re thinking? Unfortunately not the Ben Howard song although I have that too. But I mean the exam fear. The I’ve only just finished my notes for an exam tomorrow and now I’m writing a totally unrelated essay fear. The I don’t know anything about the exam tomorrow or the one the day after either fear. The I will fuck up my exams and not get into Uni and have to stay here for another year with my mental parents fear. That exact fear that I’m sure everyone has experienced or will experience at least once in their lifetime. I think its hitting me hard because usually I am the most laid back person ever. I usually take exams in my stride and revision has never been an issue because I don’t usually do it and that usually works. But I can’t risk relying on just what I’ve absorbed in my lessons this time so I have tried my best to revise. But being new at it I left it last minute and now I have the oh so dreaded fear. Totally my own fault. And now back to the books.


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