A Pirate’s Life for Me

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Been caught up in the failure of my examinations. Jealous right? Only two to go now though so not too bad. I’ve also taken to sleeping on the floor now but it’s too dull, and involves a lot more ranting than I feel is necessary, to mention. The creepy cat has now taken to stalking me to the bus stop in the mornings. I’ll be more freaked out if I get off a bus and he’s there waiting for me. Get a life kitty!

So I’ve been shopping a few times as a revision distraction. I’ve not particularly bought anything though unless you count buying a white chocolate mocha to keep me company whilst I browse. Recently I’ve been picking up a lot of little items like bracelets, necklaces, lip balms etc and realising that there is no tag on them at all. First thought that pops into my mind is ‘maybe I should just slip into my bag, no one will know right?’. I know some of you will be sat there judging me. How can you even think about stealing? Taking someone’s hard work and not even paying them? How dare you refuse those poor sweatshop workers of their pitiful income?! Obviously those thoughts do occur, just later. The urge to just take stuff has been harder and harder to resist but don’t worry I’m not the thieving insane person just yet. But it’s made me think I’d be totally okay with the pirate lifestyle back in the day. Plus their fashion sense (or what I like to believe is their fashion sense from films) is fabulous. I’d happily take silver earrings, an eye patch, a stripy shirt, swashbuckling boots and a cracking hat over jeans and a tee any day. So we’d be the bad guys? Small price to pay. 


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