It Tastes So Sweet

Freedom is what tastes so damn sweet. Along with my well deserved bag of skittles. Finished my last important exam yesterday and to top that it even went well! Which was a relief from the nasty paper that was chemistry. As if A-level chemistry isn’t hard enough, they threw in the fire alarm going off half way through so we could all assemble outside in the cold just for fun. Overall a disastrous paper and one that I’m sure will affect my chances of getting into Uni. And not in a positive way. But still when my family asked how it went I still answered ‘fine.’ That’s my answer to every question ever asked about any exam because I’d rather not give them hope that it went well or disappoint them that I’ve clearly failed. 

This newfound freedom would probably taste even sweeter if I could enjoy it properly. Firstly it’s all rainy and so my hopes of sitting in pub gardens, wearing summer dresses, sipping a cold pimms and lemonade are totally gone. Secondly I’m getting very ill. The cold has progressed and now breathing is becoming difficult hence sleeping is difficult. Being wrapped up in my duvet on the sofa in front of the tv is far from the fun I thought I would be having. Oh well. Why complain? I have three whole months to enjoy it.


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