The Noodle Technique

I had my final exam today and spent my last ever day in school. I honestly thought I would be a bit more emotional but it just felt like a relief. I’m sure I will miss that place though after all I have been there for seven years now. It’s also my prom tomorrow. So excited. Which is weird because I don’t get excited for events like this usually. What even is the word prom? I really don’t like it. It seems like it’s an abbreviation of some sort but it’s not. Prom. Eugh. 

Been at my friend’s house trying to do her hair for tomorrow. I was attempting to use a bun ring and it was going pretty well. I was using my self invented ‘noodling’ technique and it was working successfully. So I was shocked when we looked online for a tutorial to find that everyone else in the entire world (it seems) uses it in a complete different way. Their way did make more sense and was a lot quicker but when I tried it, it failed. Stick to the noodling I say. Don’t ask why I called it that. It doesn’t resemble noodles in any way, shape or form. That’s just me all over.

I also seem to be teething. Ouchy. And to add insult to injury it’s ulcer city in my mouth right now. Ultra ouchy. At least I’ll look skinny for tomorrow..


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