Pain Doesn’t Even Cut It

Due to my hate of the word ‘prom’ we will now refer to it as the ‘end of school thing’ (EOST). So it was EOST yestereve. We all got dressed up in long dresses and killer heels and everyone looked fantastic. The actual event was brilliant. Really well organised, the food was nice and everyone danced far too much is crazy embarrassing ways. Perfect way to say goodbye to some people we may never see again. Then we went out afterwards. That did not go as smoothly.

Firstly my feet were on their way to death. Heels look pretty but why do we do that to ourselves? I mean yeah I am little without them but I’m very okay with that. Secondly a few of our lot had trouble getting in either cos we were a little too drunk or had too much ‘attitude’ according to the bouncers. Being a tuesday night and summer it wasn’t especially busy and was just a disappointment in general. The best part was yet to come though. We got a taxi to someone’s hotel but we went to the wrong one. So we decided to walk to the actual hotel. Turns out it was a 30 minute walk. In the pouring rain. In heels. With glass in my foot. Ouch. Some of the girls were really struggling and all I kept saying was ‘we’ll look back at this and laugh so hard right?’ and I still think we will. It’s kinda funny now although the pain is still there as a reminder that it was not fun at the time. 

Overall I loved EOST and I will really miss everyone.


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