Duke of Kill Me Now

So I’m off to my death in two hours. Lots of walking and hurting and aching and a major lack of sleeping. Lack of sleep because there’s going to be three of us in a two man tent and there’s barely room to breathe never mind move. When your legs are already stiff as hell sleeping in one position in the freezing cold really doesn’t help.

Why are you even doing it then you may be thinking. Well there are always some hilarious moments and when you look back on it that’s all you can think of. You block out all the dreadful horrible ness of it all and you can’t wait till the next one. Stupid repression, I hate you. Anyway won’t be blogging for a while as I will be at one with nature in Wales. Bye bye laptop hello sheep!Β 


7 thoughts on “Duke of Kill Me Now

  1. Whatever happens, this is how memories get made! Enjoy yourselves. Exactly how many men are you planning to fit in to your tent, by the way?

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