Bath Time With Midges

I’m back! And have discovered that it rains a lot in Wales. I say this because every ‘footpath’ we were supposed to be on was either a stream or a fast flowing river. So it’s safe to say I have spent the last five days soaked to the bone. I really appreciate small things like being dry and warm now. It’ll take a good few days for my boots to be anywhere near dry and everything I took is damp and smells like death. We all smelt like death by the end of it, poor coach driver who brought us home.

I’ll summarise the events of the past five days. One friend broke his collar bone. I got shouted at by the doctor at the hospital I got taken to because ‘when you get chest pains, you ring an ambulance!’. We climbed Snowdon and scaled sheer cliff faces. Got no sleep except the coach ride home as my sleeping bag was soaked. Became one with nature including sheep, frogs and angry looking cows. Got lost in forests. And other usual DofE highs and lows. One low was that my eye started to hurt so much that I decided removing one of my contacts and throwing it away was the best plan. Only having clear vision in one eye really affects your depth perception which isn’t brilliant when going down almost vertical routes.

I got home today and into the bath and the water turned brown and lots of midges were floating at the surface. I’ve never been so happy to be in a bath even if I was sharing it with the remains of the creatures that had been biting me alive since Sunday.

All in all it was grim but hilarious in equal measure. I’m so glad its over and I’ve finally finished. Hopefully my walking boots and waterproofs will not be needed for a long, long time. I’m one tired yet extremely happy bunny.


4 thoughts on “Bath Time With Midges

  1. Must have been a fun hiking trip 🙂 Reminds me of Herman Melville and Moby Dick where he writes:

    “The more so, I say, because truly to enjoy bodily warmth, some small part of you must be cold, for there is no quality in this world that is not what it is merely by contrast. Nothing exists in itself.”

    I bet you are appreciating the hell out of your home by now!

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