I Love Personal Space

Looksies who is back! Me of course. Bulgaria was fabulous. I went to a place called Sunny Beach on a Club 18-30s holiday so as you can imagine all I did was stay out till about 6am and then lounge around by the pool/ on the beach till night when I’d go out and get wrecked again. Gahhh it was lovely. My title is to do with the fact that when  you’re out and are remotely okay looking men will always come behind you and start grinding and sometimes they’re pretty and you’re like ‘hmm okay go ahead’ but sometimes they’re just plain creepy and you want to punch them in the self esteem. Was a fantastic holiday overall and made some especially good friends. There were so many crazy happenings but I’m exhausted and can’t be bothered going into any of them.

Not glad at all to be back as tiring as it was. This regular stuff all seems so boring in comparison to stripping on a bar for a bottle of champagne (told you they were crazy happenings). And so the job hunt begins. Got the holiday blues it seems. Didn’t get homesick at all out there but did miss blogging so in that sense I’m glad to be back. Kinda. If this all reads a little nutty it’s because I’ve had little to no sleep for the past week and everything in my head is all floaty and fuzzy. I’ll start making sense again soon. Promise.

Group Sex! (That’s what the shots were called I’m not just being vulgar)



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