Shut Your Mouth!

What do I know about love? I’m eighteen. I’m unsure that it exists between people in a romantic way but I’m sure it’s there between friends and family. It must be holding everyone together right? It seems to have disappeared entirely today though. In one of those moods. I’m sure you’re groaning at the cliche-ness of it all. Hormonal teen what does she know. Not much is the answer to that. I just know I don’t like how I feel about most people but can’t seem to help it at all. Eughh I wish I could control it better. That would make it all so much easier. 

On a completely unrelated note I saw The Dark Knight Rises today. I really don’t know what I thought of it. I didn’t hate it whilst watching it but I don’t think that it was great or that it lived up to the other two. Saw Memento last night though and could not believe how good it was. I was literally saying ‘OH MY GOD!’ to the screen out loud at the end. And for the next few hours I sat open mouthed according to Nick whilst I thought about it. Sad or what? I just got really into it what can I say. Definitely recommend it. Unless you’re one of those dull people who like to watch films you don’t have to think about. I think it was good for me because I like to guess what’s going to happen throughout the film in my head and when it turns out to be completely different, like Memento, it’s brilliant.

That is all.


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