Lost and Found

I’m currently at a loss for words to describe my last few days but I found two poems that I really love and thought I would share them so that I remember how much I like them when looking back at this in the future.

you are the rain

a girl at school
smells like purple
bubble gum,
like she took off
all her clothes
after being stuck
outside during
a thunderstorm
& if I could tell
her why her arms
are boss, why her
neck is boss, why
her hips are boss,
I imagine she would
bandage me softly
like winter.

you are a pharmacy

you have a hundred secret names & I am the world’s worst shoplifter.
you know what I mean? it’s like it’s 1992 & we’re so happy for cigarettes
& de la soul & lightning bugs & shit like that. sometimes I wish you knew
someone exactly like me who wasn’t so obsessed with your knuckles.
they make me hurt like alligator teeth. I want you to be all fists & bruises like
tiny sparrows on my face. I want you to be a handgun muzzled into my gut.

They’re both by Nate Slawson  and make me smile. Should I talk to this holiday fling I had who found me on Facebook or not? Should I move out of my house into a flat in the middle of nowhere with my dad to get away from my mum? Should I look harder for a job near my place now or wait till I know if I’m moving or not? Do the pink headings on my CV make me look childish and girly? Should I go to the doctors because the skin on my fingers is peeling for some unknown reason? Should I be worried that I have had a constant cold since I can remember and do something about it? Should I be nicer to people in general? Should I be less obsessed with Ben Howard and should I give up thinking there’s a chance he’ll marry me? Should I eat less bread and sweets and focus on salad?

All questions I can’t quite answer right now. Feel free to help me answer them. I’d appreciate it.


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