I’m Really Not Sorry

I refuse to apologise for not posting. The main reason being I moved out of my house into a flat in the middle of nowhere. Haslingden. What even is that?! We didn’t have internet till just now and it’s only a pay as you go thing so I probably won’t be posting much anyway. It’s been horrible here. So far away form all my friends and everything I know. I just get to hear they’re having fun and going out and I’m just here on my own. I don’t blame them though I’d obviously do the same. I’m just angry that I’m so far away from it all. The bus even has to go on the motorway to get to Manchester :/ . I also forgot my teddy at home.

I’ll stop ranting and focus on the good. There’s plenty of new people to meet right? I get away from the hideous excuse of a mother. I get lots of alone time to think. There is a tv and the olympics are providing brilliant entertainment. I can get to tesco in like ten minutes. It could be much worse.

Reading The Girl Who Played With Fire right now. It’s really good so far. Need to go on a bookstore/library hunt as I’m feeling I will have finished it pretty soon. If you recommend any books like it I’d appreciate that loads. Recommend fifty shades however and I’ll slit your throat. No hard feelings. 

Hope you guys are all well because someone has to be.


4 thoughts on “I’m Really Not Sorry

  1. I write my posts offline in a word processing programme like Word, and then it only takes a few moments to cut and paste the text onto the WordPress ‘new post’ thingy. Books? I love almost anything by Evelyn Waugh or George Orwell.

  2. don’t apologize! it’s your blog, you choose what you want on here after all! so kudos and congrats on the getaway, Garth Stein’s Raven Stole The Moon is pretty good… or The Art of Racing in the Rain..

    • I guess that’s true! Thank you it feels so good to have some quiet. Someone has recommended the Art of Racing in the Rain before. I shall definitely go on a hunt for those. Thanks a lot x

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