I’m warming up to Haslingden. Oh Has, you cute, little, quaint place where tesco is hated for ruining local trade. What’s wrong with me?! I loved being so close to the city and now I love the quietness of Has. Off on the bus today to find out where it takes me. It goes on the motorway to get anywhere. Excite! Need some books and maybe an embroidery kit. Ohhh so I’m turning into an old lady. Fabulous. Next stop Cat City. And maybe talks of my iffy hip and ‘those pesky yobs’. 

Dooms day on Thursday. Day of Thurs. Bearer of bad/good news. Who’s to know. Well my school probably already knows, that’s who! Yet they keep us in the dark, building up all my nerves resulting in a massive amount of dancing round the kitchen. Oh please put me out of my misery. Or maybe I’ll be put in even more misery when I realise I’ve failed with no back up plan.

Oh well I’ll still have my Has. Hooray! 


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