Remember Me? No? Me Either

Heyy! So very aware it’s been like literal years but what can I say.. life is demanding! Turns out I did indeed get my glorious, totally fluked, marvellous AAAA. So farewell Has you little cutie and HOLA Brumsville. Yeahh that’s right I’m off to get my self some good learning in the field of dentistry at the University of Birmingham. I can hardly believe it myself. I’m feeling a change in blog name ‘ramblings of the insane fresher’ maybs.

Nearly everything sorted for it. Done the usual asda/ikea shop and just need to move in on the 15th of Sep. Sooo soon! It’s going to be so strange. Excited and nervous in equal measures. This is really it I guess.. The start of being a proper, fully grown adult. Jeez. I can feel the responsibility and stress building up already on my tiny fragile frame. 

My next post will probably after moving in knowing me but after that I swear I’ll keep you more updated. Toodle pip for now


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