So I have no idea what to say. Just feel like writing something for the sake of it. Went to spar in the pouring rain yesterday to get some lucozade for my poorly sick wifey. Got myself a pick n’ mix in the process. Yay for me, not so much for my poor ickle teethies. Dentistry is ruining me! I feel like I should be eating better for my oral health and it sucks! Doesn’t stop me at all just makes me feel a tad guilty when guzzling down a share bag of skittles with a glass of lemonade. Damn you education! 

That’s enough really. Went to sleep at 5am and need to finish my work by 2pm today to go out so basically I’m screwed. Win.



Warning : This post will contain ranting.

It’s finally raining in Birmingham! Why doesn’t it rain here and why has it just got cold! The weather is too weird and I don’t like it and I miss the absolute freezing coldness of Manchester and the brilliant Up North! I shouldn’t complain but this constant fair weather creeps me out somewhat. 

Also I hate how lecturers can just cancel lectures a minute before they’re on and then reschedule them to an already extremely full day just because they want to. They can blame ‘those folks at timetabling’ all they like but I feel sorry for them because I bet it totally isn’t their fault. Poor timetabling peoples. 

Must run. Late for a skeletal muscle lecture.

Never Again

The day after a night out always starts with me saying the same thing to anyone who is listening. ‘I am never ever ever ever doing that again’ that referring to drinking far too much. But then a few days later I go out and do the exact same thing and the next morning, whether it be a lecture or a saturday, will involve me feeling a lot like a zombie. Brilliant. I know the health hazards etc but hey I’m at uni. You only live once right? Sorry Mr Liver I’ll stop soon I promise. 

Home soon for Christmas. Literally so excited! We’ve decorated the flat and bought advent calendars and everything! Fun fun fun. Since being a child I think this is the first time I’ve ever been so hyped for it. I think it’s because I’m no longer at home and the prospects of going home and eating food I’ve not had to pay for and sleeping all day are overwhelmingly amazeballs. 

Cherishing my film nights in with the wife but I’m a sucker for a good parDy. Oh youth. You’re killing me.