Stranger Danger

It’s been actual months since I last posted and for that I am sorry. University is much more time consuming than I thought it would be. It doesn’t help that when I’m not doing uni related things I’m usually asleep. I feel tired all the time. Is this what it’s like to be a student? My course is pretty full on too 9-6 most days. Vom. I’m well settled in (was by the second day) and it certainly feels like home.

The power went out the other day and the halls erupted in madness. Everyone came spilling out of their flats and we had a mass hide and seek in the dark session. I’ve still got about ten bruises from that night. It’s times like those when no one is pretending to be mature and you realise that we’re all still kids. I loved it. Turns out a sub station was down and we’re apparently still running on back up generators. 

I will try and post more often as lots of crazy and exciting things do happen to me here and I would love to share them but for now that is all.


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