Enough Layers?

I have returned home for my Easter break. It’s more Easter revision than a break as I have my exams as soon as I return and will not be spending much time ‘breaking’ at all.

I seriously forgot what it was like living here. In my household only when there are icicles frozen to our noses will the heating be turned on. It’s been snowing here (in March?! I know right! Mental.) and still that does not mean it’s cold enough for us to spare a little money to be able to walk around in a normal amount of indoor clothing without shivering. ‘Put a jumper on then!’ is my dad’s reply to my complaints of how chilly it is. Four jumpers later and my teeth will not stop chattering. Oh boiling hot uni room how I miss thee.

On the bright side I am being fed incredibly well. So at least I’ll be well insulated. Yay chubbs! This has made my dad encourage me to start running on the treadmill again. Using the in-built ‘weight loss’ programme. I tried level one today. Didn’t even break a sweat. I’m guessing level one is for the actual fatties. I’m thinking level three tomorrow. Living on the edge!

My back has also given out. It’s like it’s complaining that I’m now sleeping in a bed that doesn’t stab me to death with springs and instead am comfortable. What is up with that?! Eughh the banes of being 80.. Oh wait what? I’m only 19 and complaining about the cold and back troubles. Oh dear.

Elmo is cooking with Ina on tv. Highlight of my life.


Is it because she pretends to hate being held and then doesn’t let go at night

Maybe it’s because she doesn’t like getting on with you and would rather fight

Is it because she thinks of you at the most inappropriate of times

Or because she’s off out getting drunk and doing lines

It must be because her skin makes you feel like a child

Or maybe the fact her hair can’t be tamed, salaciously wild

What is the reason all you can dream about now is her on top

The others of freedom and success have completely stopped

All you see is her eyes as she moans your name

You’re caught up entirely in her vicious game

She won’t love you kid she never will

There’s no emotion there, her heart is still