An Extra Duvet Please Sir

So there’s this guy..

Hhahahaha definitely not going to be THAT girl don’t worry. I warn you now, this is long and utterly pointless.

Unfortunately there is this guy. He’s the type you see on nights out a LOT and you know gets all the girls and thinks he’s pretty gorgeous and for those reasons you know instantly he is an unforgivable twat. And nope I’m not gonna be all I got to know him and actually he’s a saint and falls in love easy. Well not really..

First time we met he screamed in my ear (due to loudness of music not because I’m hard of hearing) ‘You look so innocent in your little navy vans. How cute are you?!’ For some reason my drunk self took this as an insult..? Yeahh I don’t know either. So I protested. Revealing a little too much about my personality and easy virtue if you get my point. Little confession: I’m not the best behaved of girlies. Acting outrageously whilst I still can.

He then found me on bookfacing (useful invention.. NOT) and we got arguing. Yup. Not nice normal chit chat but no, full blown tormenting. His friends would even ring me at godforsaken times to hurl pleasant insults at me. Gotta love my male counterparts at uni. All wit. Then on saturday night a change in tone occurs. ‘Wanna chill sometime?’

Again don’t ask why but I agreed. He came round. Dripping in unnecessarily expensive clothing. Who at uni can afford £500 leather jackets!? Him, that’s who. We then talked about what we argued about over the phone. Turns out we’re very similar and we got on extremely well, felt like I’d known him forever (groaaann). So it’s late and I’ve clearly said that I’m not interested in doing anything with him. Yet he asks to stay over saying he’ll be a gent and won’t try anything. My face literally turns into this :S Why?! Why would you want to even try and share my extremely uncomfortable, less than single, uni bed when you’re not even getting any. He did get it his way in that I let him stay and we slept terribly. I can’t stand cuddling and spooning and he couldn’t have been more different. If you saw him you would not expect this to be the case, but I spent my entire night fighting my way out of his sleeping grip. Eugh cuddly people. I just don’t understand why people like to snuggle to sleep! When I said this to a friend earlier he was like ‘How can you not love it?! It’s like an extra duvet!’ An extra duvet?! Who on earth without circulation problems needs an extra duvet. One is enough!

I then had a 9am this morning. I showered, dressed, ate breakfast and he.. was still asleep in my bed. I even brought him tea in and he was like *insert some incomprehensible mumblings here*. So then when it was time to go I flicked him on the ear and said bye and left him there. A near stranger. In my bed. In my room. I don’t know why I let that happen.

I returned from uni to find my curtains and windows open and my bed made with teddy sat in his rightful place with the notion that everything had been looked through and moved.

Everyone’s said he’s definitely interested and the hateful beginning was all playground tactics. All I’m saying is that to my future husband out there reading this. Never ever cuddle me when I’m trying to sleep unless I’m extremely poorly.

Thanks for letting me waste your time so horrifically.


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