So I’ve come back to uni early with the intentions of getting my coursework and revision finished in time. It is like zombieland here. Literally no one around. And until this morning I had not spoke out loud in three days. THREE DAYS! So when one of my flatmates came back today with the same work intentions and was like ‘Hey!!’ the best I could muster was something akin to a growl.. My voice had gone. Yup it was probably like ‘Well she isn’t using me at all anymore might as well escape whilst I can.’ Yeah I’m personifying my voice.. and what?! I tried screaming but that didn’t help. It’s officially gone. I’m hoping it returns soon as I’m seeing someone I kind of really like tonight and I don’t know how to sign ‘No I don’t want to watch a film, I want to bad things to you’. Maybe not being able to talk will help the situation. Who knows?

At least I will now have someone to have tea breaks with and not have to make do with talking to my teddy. No offence Ted, you are really a brilliant listener. 


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