Squeeze me?!

I have not been posting much as I am currently super busy failing my exams.

Yesterday before my exam I happened to be sitting on the floor outside the room waiting to go in, as you do, when this super hot guy walks past into the room whilst giving me a ‘she’s defs insane’ look. Turns out hot guy was an invigilator in the exam. It’s inconsiderate for him to look like that, soo distracting.

Half way through my exam he comes up to me and asks me to fill in my attendance slip. I then told him in a whisper that I’d already filled one in and seem to have been given a spare one. He then, no joke, looks straight into my eyes and goes ‘well aren’t you a lucky girl then’ and winks. What the actual hell. I’m so unsure why this is happening in the middle of my exam that I respond with a vague attempt at a smile, which ended up being an irritated look and then continue writing. He then stands next to my desk for a whole five minutes before moving away. Seriously?! Even people sat around me commented on his lurking.

Bizarre life I has.


6 thoughts on “Squeeze me?!

  1. hmwarley says:

    I had a very eerily odd experience like yours today. I was waiting to go into my exam and the hottest guy I have ever seen came out the exam room, and told me he was the ‘handy man’ and fixing the light. He then proceeded to engage me in conversation while I was last minute revising, completely flustered me before the exam! Maybe the Unis are doing it to give us a weird confidence boost? Hannah at hmwarley.wordpress.com/

    • Hahaha either weird confidence boost or a distraction to ensure our exams are failed. Who knows? So weird. Good luck if you have any more and thanks for the comment x

  2. James says:

    When the teachers at my school used to invigilate our end of year exams they would be play games to stop themselves from getting bored. The two I heard of were hide the penny, where there would put a penny on a student’s desk and another teacher would try and find it. The second one was stand near the ugliest child, which meant that you would occasionally see a teacher standing by one desk for a little too long and tittering to themselves.

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