They Always Come Crawling (or driving) Back

The ‘they’ in the title is me. I have been away from the wonderful world of boring people with my nonsense for quite a while. I have no legit reason for the disappearing act and that’s that.

I am happy to report that I am now the driver of a cute, old, little Fiat Punto named Patrice (obviously darling!). I am queen of the road, empress of the motorways and unfortunately the village idiot of hill-starts. Learning to drive in a car that has cool automatic electric handbrake button was a grave mistake. Patrice, like me, is technologically challenged and so I have had to learn how to use a normal handbrake. DRAMA CENTRAL. To those unlucky bastards ever behind me on a hill, I am sorry, but more importantly, beeping at me (shockingly) will not help to speed up the process!

NB. I am currently hopelessly infatuated with a boy who played Laura Marling to me on guitar the morning of a one-night occurrence.  We’ve been talking but c’mon this is not how true love stories start.




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