They Always Come Crawling (or driving) Back

The ‘they’ in the title is me. I have been away from the wonderful world of boring people with my nonsense for quite a while. I have no legit reason for the disappearing act and that’s that.

I am happy to report that I am now the driver of a cute, old, little Fiat Punto named Patrice (obviously darling!). I am queen of the road, empress of the motorways and unfortunately the village idiot of hill-starts. Learning to drive in a car that has cool automatic electric handbrake button was a grave mistake. Patrice, like me, is technologically challenged and so I have had to learn how to use a normal handbrake. DRAMA CENTRAL. To those unlucky bastards ever behind me on a hill, I am sorry, but more importantly, beeping at me (shockingly) will not help to speed up the process!

NB. I am currently hopelessly infatuated with a boy who played Laura Marling to me on guitar the morning of a one-night occurrence.  We’ve been talking but c’mon this is not how true love stories start.





They’re going to ruin it.

Oh hey yeah, it’s been a long, long while etc etc passed my first year and been to a festival over summer but let’s get back to what is really important here.. THEY ARE GOING TO RUIN ONE OF MY FAVOURITE BOOKS EVER!

‘They’ being the people who have made a film version of ‘The Book Thief’ which is an incredible book written by Markus Zusak. This book is one of the very few that has managed to make me full on cry. Like real, actual tears and sobbing. It is one emotional book and no I’m not going to ruin it for everyone because I thoroughly recommend reading it. But seriously, HOW COULD THEY! 

I’m one of those people (everyone who ever reads) who believes that no film can ever live up to the original book. It’s just so much better when it’s in your head. Solely your imagination and the author’s words. You become so emotionally involved with a book, whereas watching a film can’t even be called a fling in comparison. And that is from someone who is in love with films.

Rant over now. Although I can’t decide whether I want to watch it or not. Is it worth the heartbreak? 

Thanks Guys (!)

So I decided to revise out in the courtyard in the glorious sunshine the other day. Fantastic idea right? Literally could not have been more wrong. After reading for a good few hours my eyes got a little tired and I fell asleep lying out on the blanket in the sun. Not only did this result in a very bad one sided tan but also something a little peculiar.

When I eventually woke, which I might add was only about half an hour later, I found that all my notes had been replaced by one handwritten piece of paper. ‘If you want your precious notes back you’re going to have to do a strip tease for us. We’re watching the courtyard in anticipation of seeing a lot more of your lush self. From your revision stealing admirers.’ What the fuck right! I scanned the courtyard but couldn’t exactly see into any of the windows due to the sun.

Unfortunately what could have been a terribly exciting story ends with the fact that I had typed up versions of the notes and so didn’t actually need them back. I decided to leave my own note with a simple ‘no thanks honey’ and headed back inside. 

Seriously boys is stealing my revision the only way you can get any action? That’s a little sucky.

In other news I have finally finished all my exams and until the results only merriment with lots of dancing and alcohol will ensue. Yay for me but not so much for my purse or liver. ParDy!