Even Your Emotions Had An Echo



Hhdshadsgsdbcs in such a cray cray mood today. Yeah I use cray cray.. And what!? Went to Liverpool to visit my friend’s niece. She is the single most adorable one year old ever and her giggle is adorable and moreish.

Getting ready to go to an 18th now. What to wear? It’s such an effort being a girl. I wish I was a boy when it comes to getting ready. All you have to do is shower, stick on your trousers and a shirt and do your hair AND you’re done! That’s literally it. No time consuming decision of what dress to wear. No need to shave your legs etc. No need to put your make up on. Easy peasy. I would be a brilliant boy. Even though I’m already ‘one of the boys’ and they always talk to me as if I was dressing like one too would be brilliant.

As I said I’m all over the place today. Really giddy. Still full of a cold though. I guess I’ll never recover. Oh well at least I’ll keep kleenex in business. Yay for them.