Please Just Take These Tokens From My Hands

See what I did there.. And you thought I couldn’t be creative. This post has nothing to do with Snow Patrol and a lot to do with book tokens/gift cards. Throughout my school life I’ve won prizes. You’re probably thinking jesus boast much? But I’m just being honest. Every year I would get the academic award. Never the endeavour as that requires year round effort so they gave me the ‘you suck through the year but somehow you do well in exams’ prize. And that prize was always a book token/waterstones gift card. It makes sense as a prize from school, nice and healthy. 

So I had like a stack of tokens left that I haven’t touched. It’s not because I don’t like to read that’s a downright lie. I read far too much. It’s because I prefer using the library because then you’re not left with a stack of books you’ve already read and have nowhere to put. Today I went into waterstones and stacked up seven books and plonked them on the counter. I then announced to the lady that I have all these cards and I don’t know how much is on each. ‘No problem!’ she cried a little too enthusiastically for my liking. Turns out I had so much money in the form of booky goodness that for the seven books I only used two of my cards. And my grand remaining total is seventy pounds. SEVENTY POUNDS! Why can’t I just exchange that for real money?! Sooo much more useful. Silly token giving peoples.

All stocked up with reading material for summer and my holiday to Bulgaria. Although I’m sure I’ll be too hungover to do much reading there. Regardless looking forward to the books and holiday in equal amounts. Not excited about DofE on sunday though. For those of you that don’t know what that is it’s the Duke of Edinburgh Award which is a scheme thing for walking etc. Google it if you’re that bothered. I’m going on the gold expedition on Sunday so that’s five brilliant days of eight hour walks carrying a bag that weighs just as much as me. Joy.

Rant over. 

Pain Doesn’t Even Cut It

Due to my hate of the word ‘prom’ we will now refer to it as the ‘end of school thing’ (EOST). So it was EOST yestereve. We all got dressed up in long dresses and killer heels and everyone looked fantastic. The actual event was brilliant. Really well organised, the food was nice and everyone danced far too much is crazy embarrassing ways. Perfect way to say goodbye to some people we may never see again. Then we went out afterwards. That did not go as smoothly.

Firstly my feet were on their way to death. Heels look pretty but why do we do that to ourselves? I mean yeah I am little without them but I’m very okay with that. Secondly a few of our lot had trouble getting in either cos we were a little too drunk or had too much ‘attitude’ according to the bouncers. Being a tuesday night and summer it wasn’t especially busy and was just a disappointment in general. The best part was yet to come though. We got a taxi to someone’s hotel but we went to the wrong one. So we decided to walk to the actual hotel. Turns out it was a 30 minute walk. In the pouring rain. In heels. With glass in my foot. Ouch. Some of the girls were really struggling and all I kept saying was ‘we’ll look back at this and laugh so hard right?’ and I still think we will. It’s kinda funny now although the pain is still there as a reminder that it was not fun at the time. 

Overall I loved EOST and I will really miss everyone.

The Noodle Technique

I had my final exam today and spent my last ever day in school. I honestly thought I would be a bit more emotional but it just felt like a relief. I’m sure I will miss that place though after all I have been there for seven years now. It’s also my prom tomorrow. So excited. Which is weird because I don’t get excited for events like this usually. What even is the word prom? I really don’t like it. It seems like it’s an abbreviation of some sort but it’s not. Prom. Eugh. 

Been at my friend’s house trying to do her hair for tomorrow. I was attempting to use a bun ring and it was going pretty well. I was using my self invented ‘noodling’ technique and it was working successfully. So I was shocked when we looked online for a tutorial to find that everyone else in the entire world (it seems) uses it in a complete different way. Their way did make more sense and was a lot quicker but when I tried it, it failed. Stick to the noodling I say. Don’t ask why I called it that. It doesn’t resemble noodles in any way, shape or form. That’s just me all over.

I also seem to be teething. Ouchy. And to add insult to injury it’s ulcer city in my mouth right now. Ultra ouchy. At least I’ll look skinny for tomorrow..

A Quick Thanks

I just wanted to quickly thank Christine for nominating me for the beautiful blogger award.

She’s a really fantastic person from what I’ve read and I’m truly honoured I just have no idea how this all works cos I’m pretty new to this. I also don’t know who I would nominate because I think everyone I follow and everybody else out there writing their own blogs are just brilliant. And pretty brave for sharing their personal things with the world.

I really appreciate it nonetheless and I urge you to go read her blog here cos it’s brilliant and if you don’t you’re just mean.

Thank you again Christine you’re really lovely x